Is Print Dead?

You’ve seen it in headlines and you’ve seen it sprawled across the pages of publications all over the world. But is the print industry really on its last legs? Or are we still seeing the demand from outside consumers desperate for physical, printed copies?

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To put it simply… No! Print is well and truly alive. With the introduction of online advertising, many companies started to become blind to the need for physical copies of print and advertising…

printing ink printing swatches fisherprint printers peterborough
Printing ink and swatches. PHOTO CREDIT: BFS Press Room Solutions

Global conglomerates saw that advertising and hosting online is far cheaper and less time consuming than print, but what many forget is that the internet is fleeting. With more online advertisers and companies constantly flooding email inboxes and using those dreaded pop-up adverts, consumers are becoming oblivious and disinterested.

Here at Fisherprint and TLC Signs & Banners, we still see the value in what we do. With the introduction of new technologies and methods of printing, it is easy to see why people are still wanting physical copies of their work.

hanging banners tlc signs and banners printers peterborough
Hanging banners made by TLC Signs & Banners

To have something in your hand that is worth reading and to see the level of craftsmanship involved with print is still fascinating. For instance, the recent work Fisherprint completed with both Yamaha and the Bentall Centre in Kingston only reiterates the constant and necessary need for print in this modern age of technology.

TLC Signs & Banners have an on-going contract with the Hammerson group who – fully and jointly – take responsibility for 58 retail destinations including shopping centres and retail parks. With the Hammerson Group in constant need of shopping centre advertising and information banners, they are the perfect customer for TLC Signs & Banners to have.

centrale shopping centre croydon tlc signs and banner printers peterborough
An example of some of the work that TLC Signs & Banners have completed at Centrale Shopping Centre in Croydon.

The recent installation of a series of board and wall vinyls in the Brent Cross Shopping Centre in London only further demonstrates the want and need for print in today’s multifaceted market.

A few years ago, people began to claim that the magazine industry as a whole would collapse within the next 10 years and result in a digital revolution. Although there has been a slight drop in the physical magazine market, it is nothing like the slump predicted, and a majority of people still prefer to own physical copies of the content they are reading.

magazine printing
Magazine printing. PHOTO CREDIT: Premier Print Group

We know that people like to hold onto and read printed copies – it’s tangible. To hold something like a magazine in your hand gives a nostalgic feeling to the consumer. It allows them to grab onto something physical rather than try to cling to something fleeting and forgettable they have seen online.

Print creates memories and a lasting impression on the reader, making them more inclined to seek out other products and services they have read about. With the world becoming more digital by the day, it is nice to see that there is always room for print in this world – but we must continue to adapt and grow with the ever-changing print and digital market.



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